LG Dishwasher LD-2152WH

This LG Dishwasher born out of cutting edge technology & packed with innovative features ensures that your globe of joy is made hygenic and also germ free. Its 12 location setup as well as adjustable racks ensure the room for all your cooking equipment.

Additional Hot

Additional warm is a feature which raises the temperature of the rinse, and steriizes all type of bacteria.It kills maximum quantity of microorganisms & protects against the spread of condition & poisoning.

Three-way Spray Rate

With LG Dishwashers you have the convenience to choose various water stress degrees like soft, regular and strong to accomplish either a fragile wash for care of your dishes or more powerful clean for a more aggressive cleansing. One-of-a-kind innovation by LG, Spray Intensity Innovation puts you in control to choose the water level you desire.

Salt & Rinse Refill Indicator

The Salt & Rinse Refill Sign in the control panel brightens when it has to be re-filled

Quick Wash

The Quick Clean Cycle rapidly cleans gently soiled tools. It permits the cycle to eat much less water, time & energy. It is extremely valuable if you remain in a hurry, and also want just a speacific collection of tools to be cleaned.

Three-way Filter

Triple Filter System by LG catches a lot of the food bits during the laundry cycle. By retaining them as well as not enabling them back into the water, the circulating water is kept cleaner for longer. This guarantees reliable use of water and also power, plus you don't need to stress over the hygiene concerns.

Extensive laundry

Clean time is extended for greatly soiles utensils, so that no food fragments or oil is left behing in the utensils & the utensils appear to be definitely tidy.